Why Do Bulldog Pups Cost So Much

Why Are Bulldog Puppies So Expensive?

It’s easy to imagine an English Bulldog breeder pairing a male and female Bulldog together and waiting for puppies to be born.Then simply selling those puppies for huge profits with little or no work involved, but there’s so much more that goes on concerning breeding English  Bulldogs. From start to finish there are hours upon hours of work and lost sleep put into breeding the female and raising her pups.

1)  Once the female has gone into her heat cycle there are multiple tests that are needed to determine the right time for her to be bred. These Progesterone tests call for many trips to the veterinarian  and  will  generally  cost  $75  per  visit.  Unless  the  breeder  times  it  perfectly,  there  would  generally  be  at  least  2  visits  before  you  can  safely  perform  the  insemination  with  a  high  likelihood  of  success.

2)  Once she’s ready, she can be artificially inseminated either surgically or vaginally.  Because  English  Bulldogs  cannot  conceive  naturally  due  to  the  anatomy  of  their  body, the  average  cost  for  donor  sperm  will  be  $750  (each  sample)  plus  $100  for  overnight  shipping.    There  may  also  be  a  separate  charge  by  the  insemination  vet  for  receipt  and  storage  of  the  donor  sperm  (generally  $75).

         -  There  is  also  a  small  chance  that  the  first  insemination does  not       

             impregnate  the  female  and  you  would  need  to  pay  for  a  second  

             sample  for  another  $750  plus  the  reception  fee  by  the  vet.

3)  A few weeks after breeding, the female gets her first ultrasound to confirm pregnancy  which  will  generally  cost  $100.

4)  At  this  point,  the  breeder  will  begin  preparing  for  the  new  litter  which  means  sundry  costs  such  as  towels,  puppy  training  pads,  puppy  food,  ingredients  for  homemade  milk  in  case  of  rejection,  etc,  etc.    These  costs  will  add  up  quick  leading  up  to  the  birth.

5)  Before giving birth to her pups, the Dam  is  taken back to the veterinarian for an x-ray. This x-ray helps the doctor to determine just how many puppies are inside of her for an easier delivery. Around 62-63 days in the gestational period the pups are usually ready to be born. Generally  the  X-Ray  cost  will  be  roughly  $150.

6)  Most people have heard that Bulldogs require a c-section for their puppies to be delivered, but they may not know why. Simply put, the traditional, vaginal birth is much too dangerous primarily because the puppies’ heads are too big to make it through the birth canal. If a puppy should get stuck while the mother is in labor it would result in almost certain death for at least one of the puppies if not all. What you may not have heard about the c-section is that it can cost as much as $2,000 when completed by a professional and quality doctor. The c-section, from start to finish, usually takes a couple of hours.

7)  Now  the  fun  begins.    English  Bulldog  need  constant  24/7  monitoring,  especially  in  the  first  2  weeks.    The  puppies  are  susceptible  to  a  miriad  of  viruses,  bacterial  infections  and  parasites.    Add  to  that  a  bulldog  mother  has  very  bad  spacial  awareness  and  can  very  easily  step  on  or  roll  over  on  a  newborn  pup,  killing  it  instantly.    Trips  to  the  vet  for  a  sick  pup  are  common  and  costly.    It  usually  involves  an  exam,  some  time  in  an  oxygen  tank,  a script  for  Clavamox  and  other  misc  items  to  keep  the  pup  alive.    If  the  mother  rejects  a  pup,  that  will  require  hand  feeding  the  pup.    Alot  of  breeders  will  make  their  own  mothers  milk  instead  of  buying  off  the  shelf  milk  mix.    If  you  want  my  recipe,  just  email  me.

8)At  the  4th week,  the  pups  should  be  off  the  teat  and  eating  a  mush  concoction  of  nutrients,  dog  food  and  hand  made  mothers  milk.    They  will  quickly  move  to  sterilized  water.    At  this  time  they  should  also  be  standing  and  walking.    If  you  have  a  swimmer  (pup  who  is  unable  to  walk),  the  pup  will  require  substantial  time  working  with  it  to  learn  to  walk  including  physical  therapy  and  hobbling.   This  may  require  a  trip  to  the  vet  to  make  sure  there  are  no  broken  bones  or  torn/damaged  tendons.  The  X-Ray  will  cost  $150.  You  dont  want  to  hobble  a  pup  with  deformities.    Its  a  sure  fire  way  to  lose  a  new  puppy.

9)  At  week  6,  its  time  for  their  first  shots  and  microchipping,  which  on  average  will  cost  $250  depending  upon  the  type  of/provider  of  the  microchipping.    Vegas  Bulldogs always  uses  HomeAgain  and  BuddyID.Com  Microchip  providers.

10)  Also  at  week  6,  its  time  to  advertise  on  our  website,  facebook  and  a  one  time  ad  in  the  newspaper  ($60).    Obviously  getting  the  word  out  and  building  a  client  base  is  the  long  term  name  of  the  game.   Provide  high  quality,  great  pedigree  and  healthy  English  Bulldogs  and  your  sure  to  get  more  customers  via  word  of  mouth  and  positive  reviews.

11)  At  week  8,  its  time  to  deliver.    Generally  if  the  pup  is  being  shipped  locally,  we  at  Vegas  Bulldogs  will  deliver  the  pup  to  the  owner  along  with  a  new  bag  of  dog  food  that  the  pup  was  raised  on  along  with  the  AKC  paperwork,  dog  collar  (spiked  of  course)  and  1  year  guarantee.

In  summary,  you  can  now  see  how  expensive  it  is  to  be  an  English  Bulldog  breeder.    There  are  many  more  costs  that  I  did  not  touch  on  to  keep  this  article  as  short  as  possible  but  losing  a  newborn  pup to  health  problems  is  one  of  the  most  costly  issues  facing  breeders.  Additionally,  it  is  humanly  impossible  for  one  person  to  do  this  and  its  VERY  difficult  for  two  people  to  raise  a  litter.  For  the  first  3  weeks,  most  breeders  will  incur labor  costs  to  help  perform  all  the  tasks  we  just  talked  about.    I  hope  this  article  helped  and  if  you  have  any  further  questions,  please  email  us  at   Cheers!