Our Dams

Her Heiness Queen Isabella


Her Highness Queen Isabella is our top Dam at  She is 1 1/2 years old, fawn/white and weighs approximately 70 pounds.  She has the coloring of what we all think about when we see an  English  bulldog.  She has white front socks and nails with brown rear socks and black nails.  Her litters tend to be small but the puppies are much larger than  normal English bulldog litters.  Her puppies are healthy, strong and cute.

Championship Pedigree


Her Highness Queen Isabella is a beautiful English  bulldog produced at Wind Walker Kennels in Chicago, IL.  Her bloodline includes 3 champions including her great grandmother, CH. K-SAND'S DEACON.

Queen Isabella Watching Her Pups


Isabella is a very dedicated and loving mother.  She spends almost all of her waking moments taking care of her pups.  English Bulldog pups are fed every 2-3 hours and during that feeding she will lick and stimulate the pups anus so they can defecate and urinate.  Most pups are unable to expel urine and stool without help from the mother  until  the  3rd  week.  Isabella will also lick most of the body to rid them of any parasites and keep them clean.  You can rest assured that your new pups mother was very caring and attentive.